Changing Your Handheld Planer Blades Has Never Been Easier

Knife-Point is the leading supplier of knives and blades to the Sheffield area. They stock a variety of products including an extensive array of planer blades. These include blades to fit handheld planers from reputable manufacturers such as Black & Decker, with high quality materials such as fine grain tungsten carbide used to make the products.

Once you’ve purchased your new blades, you needn’t fret on the actual process of changing them. For that, look no further than this guide from Knife-Point, who have made swapping your planer blades simple:

First Step

Firstly, always make sure that the power supply is disconnected to the device – this will go a long way towards ensuring your safety. It might sound obvious but out of all the steps in this guide it’s by far and away the most important one.

Second Step

The next piece of advice to follow is to gently loosen the fastenings on your planer blade device with a wrench. You don’t need to completely remove the fastenings and easy blade removal will be possible through the initial loosening. Always take care when removing the blade as it’s likely to still be very sharp. You can then spin the cutter head round and repeat the process on the other side.

Third Step

As your existing blades have now been removed, you can now fit your new ones. To do this, gently fit the new blade with the shape of the planer blade groove and slide it into place. Hold it in the position where you would like it to remain, then take your wrench and loosely tighten up the outer two bolts on your handheld planer – simple.

Fourth Step

The new blade will be extremely sharp so don’t rush through the replacement process and make sure you take care when tightening your replacement blades after they’ve been fitted. Before sliding the blade into place you may also need to remove any resin that has been left behind. You can do this using paraffin and oil or by gently scraping the debris away.

Fifth Step

The last step for you to adhere to is to verify that the knife blade is central in relation to your handheld planer. This is essential, as it will prevent the knife from rubbing on the edges of the machine. Once this has been guaranteed you can finish tightening the bolts. Again, simply repeat this on the other side.

An Abundance of Planer Blades and More at Knife-Point

You can find out more about Knife-Point’s planer blades, Stanley knife blades and more by paying their website a visit at Alternatively, if you’d like to reach them for a chat you can give them a call on 07737133030.