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Inspection cameras

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of inspection cameras. A relatively recent application of modern camera technology, the inspection camera is able to provide an inspector with the ability to visually inspect in real-time things like drains from within by introducing a digital camera. Probably something you’re less familiar with are the inspection cameras commercial applications such as on building sites, by law enforcement, by utility companies, and for industrial applications. The problems with drains and pipes is, once they’re buried in the ground (or even encased in concrete), it’s often not economically or even physically possible to access them when there is a problem.

An example of a manufacturer and supplier of visual inspection equipment is VisioProbe, a company based in Montbrison, France and Paris. They have a very wide range of equipment such as a remote inspection camera and a radiation tolerant camera.

Image you’re Her Majesty’s Custom and Excise working at Dover and a suspicious lorry pulls up. A small camera on a pole which can view small areas would be an invaluable in helping to outsmart a drug trafficker hell bent on getting their illicit cargo into the UK. These inspection cameras can Pan & Tilt for 360° view, are tough and lightweight, have a long vbattery life, are lightweight being on carbon fibre telescopic poles, are compact and easy to setup & use, and allow photo and video recording which can be used in court to present the evidence. From their website: “[inspection cameras can] inspect containers, loads, look for suspicious items, explosives, weapons, packs, control trucks, boats, ceilings, cavities. VISIOPROBE pole camera combined with a large range of fibre carbon folding poles provides you with 360° vision in any situation. Designed to meet operational requirements in the most extreme working conditions. Visioprobe pole camera is among the most compact, robust and light weight with high end image quality.”

About Ash, Beech and Oak

Of the 32 species of trees native to the UK, three of the most recognisable and widely known are Ash, Oak and Beech. These three species are slower growing, deciduous and broad-leaved which distinguishes them from softwood trees such as pines. Hardwood is very well suited to furniture as it’s tougher than softwood, however, generally more expensive.

Beech wood is quite easy to identify – the wood is typically a pale cream colour, occasionally having a pink or brown hue. Preparing the wood with steam will often give it a more golden tone. Flatsawn surfaces tend to be very plain, while quarter-sawn surfaces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern.

Oak, on the other hand, has many different species, often introduced. Therefore, there are many colour variations seen in oak timber. To add confusion, not only dependent on the variety of oak, the growing conditions will also influence the appearance of the wood. The English Oak – also known as the European Oak – is common to most of Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa. The heartwood is a light to medium brown – often with an olive cast – though there can be a lot of variation in colour. Nearly white to light brown sapwood is not always sharply demarcated from the heartwood. Quarter-sawn sections display prominent ray fleck patterns.

Ash is a light to medium brown colour, though darker streaks can also be seen, which is sometimes sold as Olive Ash. Sapwood can be very wide and tends to be a beige or light brown, not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood.

Wood used in the production of furniture can be made from simple planks of wood or, more often, made from panels or sheets. A good example of a wooden panel producer is the Ducerf Groupe, based in France, who produce the Panoplot panel, which is made of solid full stave lamellas glued together on the side and in the width. See examples here:

The wonderful World of Ultra-Sound Machines

You learn something new every day in my line of work and today was no exception. We’re all no doubt familiar with ultrasound machines (no jokes about Mancunians, please!) as they’re a common feature in any modern hospital, used primarily as a very quick way to look inside the human body in real-time.

The potential for ultrasonic imaging was first recorded as being recognized by Sokolov in 1939, but techniques of the time produced relatively low-contrast images with poor sensitivity. Ultrasonic imaging, on the other hand, uses frequencies of 2 megahertz and higher meaning the shorter wavelength allows resolution of smaller internal details in tissues.

An example of an image taken by a medical ultra-sound machine

Ultrasound machines use sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. According to Wikipedia, “ultrasound is not different from ’normal’ (or audible) sound in its physical properties, except that humans cannot hear it. This limit varies from person to person and is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz) in healthy young adults. Ultrasound devices operate with frequencies from 20 kHz up to several gigahertz. Ultrasound is used in many different fields. Ultrasonic devices are used to detect objects and measure distances. Ultrasound imaging or sonography is often used in medicine. In the non-destructive testing of products and structures, ultrasound is used to detect invisible flaws. Industrially, ultrasound is used for cleaning, mixing, and accelerating chemical processes. Animals such as bats and porpoises use ultrasound for locating prey and obstacles. Scientists are also studying ultrasound using graphene diaphragms as a method of communication.

If you own or use a modern medical ultra-sound machine it’s likely that it’ll breakdown at some point or other and you’ll need to get it repaired. For such complex and valuable machines, probe repair obviously needs to be carried out by experts – one of which is a company called PRS which is based in Lyon, France (a beautiful city I’m very familiar with) who specialise in GE Ultrasound Probes

The amazing world of ball bearings

When I was in junior school, we didn’t have mobile phones, tablets, or any other technology for that matter. When it snowed, we had snow-ball fights and when it didn’t, we played games like ‘tig.’ They were simpler times and almost unrecognisable to modern children 35 years later. One of my favourite games – and one I discovered I had a particular aptitude for – was ‘marbles. Firstly, we agree on a hole to use and then negotiate which marbles from my collection would be wagered against which marbles from my opponents’ collection. Finally, we’d tip the marbles out and take it in turns to try to get them in the hole. If you got one in the hole, you got another turn. If you didn’t, it was your opponents turn. The one to get the last marble in the hole won the lot. And I still have my marble collection to this day! The value of marbles was not set in stone but rather something that you’d negotiate over using factors such as rarity, size or material. The most common glass ones may be worth ‘2’ and, for example, rarer, larger black glass marbles may be worth over a hundred each. One of the most valuable types of marble, however, was the ball bearing. All different sizes and values, and I can’t remember for the life of me where we’d get them in first place, but we coveted them, and they were invariably worth a lot!

This was, however, the sum of my experience with ball bearings. I suppose in the back of my mind I know you’ll find them everywhere from car wheels and roller skates to machinery and space shuttles. Turns out there are many different types and uses for them and also many innovative companies continually developing newer and more efficient bearings. Example types of ball bearings available – besides the ones a 10-year-old may play marbles with -include deep groove, double row, self-aligning, and thrust ball bearings. Just goes to show you learn something new every day!

Memories of the Microwave Oven

Recently on Radio 2 (here in the UK), Sara Cox talked about her memories of the microwave oven, in particular, when she first used one and could make a baked potato in 2 minutes exclaiming to herself ‘what a time to be alive!’ Yes, that was a great time to be alive but technology has continued its relentless march way beyond electronic ovens. I remember watching old shows like the original Star Trek series when I was much younger and marvelling at the technology there’d be in the future, never for one moment actually believing it would be within my reach only a quarter of a century or so later. For example, pocket-sized communicators are now in all our pockets and we don’t even consider the technology at work when we use them. Speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time (provided their awake and their phone isn’t on silent) or browse the sum of all the worlds knowledge from the bus stop on the way back from the pub – it’s up to you. I remember when I was young, if you had a difficult question, there was virtually no way to find out the answer. Not even in a library! Now I simply ask Google and I get my answer (usually) in seconds.

Another one of the amazing pieces of technology we’re all so used to these days are tablet computers. Not so long ago, no one would’ve believed that they’d be so ubiquitous and available to anyone, but they are now. In fact, screen technology is now everywhere, mainly thanks to LED technology. Dynamic LED screens can now be found everywhere from takeaway menus and road signs to advertising hoardings. The adverts around the pitch at big league football matches can be remotely controlled and food menus can automatically update themselves when breakfast service finishes. This really is an amazing time to be alive!

Reasons to get a virtual tour for your business

Not everyone is sold on creating a virtual tour for their business but the below reasons will show you why they are definitely worth your time. 360 Virtual View are a professional virtual tour company operating in and around Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Peak District and they’ve helped many businesses showcase their properties, businesses  and showrooms using virtual tours. Don’t shy away from this technology as it can provide you with so many benefits.

Increase the likelihood of receiving bookings

A virtual tour allows potential customers to get a more accurate feel for what you have on offer, increasing their confidence in you and your product and making it more likely for them to visit. Google shows that businesses who have a virtual tour on Google My Business experience an average increase of 85% in on-line bookings so by helping your customers get to know you better from the comfort of their homes definitely boosts your bookings.

Increase interactions with potential customers

It can be difficult to engage with new customers and attract people to your business using social media and on-line tools. This is where a virtual tour comes in. Virtual tours offer an excellent, natural solution as they provide an engaging post that can be accessed by anyone and at any-time. A virtual tour generates more interest and once it’s been created and posted on-line you don’t have to do anything else but sit back while potential customers enjoy the opportunity and experience of touring your business before actually visiting.

Showcase your business around the clock on-line

As mentioned above, once your virtual tour is posted it is available to potential customers at their convenience. This means even when you’re closed for the day your virtual tour can still be accessed and viewed 24/7. This increased exposure helps your business sell more and gain more customers.

Reach more customers with little effort

Having a virtual tour available is a natural draw for people, you’ll experience an increase in the number of customers visiting your site as well as your store. A virtual tour is an interactive experience and people will like, comment and share encouraging others to take a look too. Your customer reach will naturally increase and people will find the virtual tour a more personal and inviting touch.

Give your business a competitive edge

By having a 360 virtual tour you can get your business displayed on Google Street View allowing potential customers to find your location and take a look around your business before actually visiting. Many people take a look at nearby businesses using Google Street View so there is no doubt this will give you a competitive edge and will generate more custom.

Find out more

360 Virtual View is a professional virtual tour company, working around Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Peak District. If you’re looking for a Sheffield virtual tour or would like to find out more about our stunning virtual tours then do not hesitate to contact us. 360 Virtual View offer a range of services suitable for all business types. Call us today on 0114 383 0711

Business Spotlight is on Bertin Instruments

Today the Business Spotlight is on Bertin Instruments

Bertin Technologies (Instruments), a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, is a company you’ve probably never heard of; however, they boast some quite amazing statistics.

For example, although based in the Paris region, they have a presence in 50 countries worldwide, including 5 offices in 3 containments. Within their worksfored they employ over 300 engineers & technical experts looking after 60,000 items of equipment in operation all over the world. Through 60 years of refining their expertise in instrumentation they have built a portfolio of over 40 instruments and systems.

Their mission and aims, according to them, is that they ‘are committed to providing state-of-the-art sampling and measurement devices to meet the advanced needs of states and quality-driven industries. A global presence with a wide network of local partners’ and their ‘R&D teams also provide on-demand technology systems and turnkey integrated solutions to meet demanding environmental or industrial needs.’ Their ‘added value’ is that though their customer-centered organization, they are proud to sell spearhead instrumentation solutions that offer superior performances and up-to-date ergonomics.’

With nearly € 88 Million of turnover, and nearly 750 employees the group works in 4 major areas: Systems and Instrumentation, Consulting and Engineering, Information Technology, Pharma and biotechs. Examples of products that Bertin offer is the Tissue Homogenizer. Tissue homogenization involves giving scientists the ability to prepare any type of soft or hard tissue samples in seconds. The large range of lysing kits, based on different bead materials such as metal, ceramic, glass and garnet beads, make it suitable for multiple biological applications.

The CNIM group was founded in 1856 and is a French equipment manufacturer and industrial contractor operating on a worldwide basis. The Group supplies products and services to major public and private sector organizations, local authorities and national governments in the Environment, Energy, Defence, and high technology markets. Technological innovation is at the core of the equipment and services designed and manufactured by the Group. They contribute to the production of cleaner and more competitive energy, to limiting the environmental impacts of industrial activities, to making sensitive facilities and infrastructures safer and protecting individuals and nation states. CNIM is listed on the Euronext exchange in Paris. It relies on a stable family-based majority shareholding structure committed to its development. The Group employs 2,500 staff and had revenues of €539.9 million in 2016, 54.6% of which was from exports.

On Trend Wedding Décor

Giant Light Up Letters Hire

Giant Light Up Letters Hire

It’s the finer details that really bring a wedding together, the décor you choose will help to set the tone and shape your event. Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, that’s why we are here to help you with some wedding ideas. Below are some of the latest trends that are the perfect addition to any wedding. Brighten the day and give the photos of your special day an edge with these gorgeous props.

Light Up Your Day

Make a big statement and add some wow factor with incredible lit up letters. The 5ft LED letters provide a visual centrepiece and a breathtaking feature to your wedding. This trend is fast becoming an integral part of many weddings, most commonly couples want to keep it simple with the word “LOVE” illuminating their special day. You can choose to have the words MR & MRS / MR & MR / MRS & MRS too. Whatever design you choose, there is no doubt these letters will add a spectacular backdrop to your reception and will illuminate your venue.

Giant wedding letters hire is available from Fun 4 Hire, these letters are excellent quality and made from steel with built in LED lights to set the romantic mood. When looking for giant letters hire near you, beware of cheap MDF imitations of these beautiful letters.

Dance the Night Away

Want to bring some life and party spirit to the reception? An LED dancefloor can get your guests up and moving all night long while the lights of the dancefloor sparkle underfoot. This is an elegant and appealing approach to the dancefloor, one of the key features of any wedding. The lights of the floor twinkle like stars on the clearest night, giving you a romantic and intimate setting that will leave your guests in awe and ready to dance. Dancefloor hire allows you an affordable and easy way to add that little bit extra to your day.

Why Lighting is So Important

Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of wedding planning. The lighting can be stylistic and is essential for bringing ambiance to your special day. In addition to the main lighting scheme, you can use props to provide soft lighting without the need for obvious and unsightly lighting instruments. Adding your own take on the lighting can help to make the day yours and will bring some magic to your photographs.

The wedding ideas above (LED dance floor and giant LED letters) are both ways to add some mood lighting to your wedding while keeping the style and romance on point. When looking for ways to add lighting to your wedding without being to over the top, these props provide the perfect opportunity. The best part of all is that dance floor hire and giant letters hire are affordable options that’ll add so much to your day. Even when the lights go down the dance floor will be inviting and the specially chosen lettering will be glowing.

For more information on giant light up letters hire, call Fun 4 Hire on 07903 973 963 or visit their website at



The Perfect Wedding Dance floor

The Perfect Wedding Dance floor

The Perfect Wedding Dance floor

Are you looking to add an extra sparkle to your wedding day? If you are hoping your guests will get up to dance and enjoy the happiest day of your life by your side, take a look at hiring an LED dance floor for the occasion. Weddings take a lot of time and effort to organize so take some of the stress away by letting us handle the dance floor. There’s no doubt that the dance floor is an essential part of the party and dance floor hire with Fun4Hire makes it even easier to guarantee a great dance will be had by all.

What is an LED dancefloor?

Perfect for weddings and events, an LED dancefloor is a fun and easy to fit portable dancefloor that twinkles with star lights. It creates a romantic atmosphere and the perfect area for dancing, no matter what the size of the venue. These dancefloors are low maintenance, quick and easy to install and look divine. They add a modern, stylish and inviting twist that people absolutely love.

Why choose LED dancefloor hire?

Hiring a dance floor is an affordable way to ensure your special day has a clean, appealing and eye-catching space for your first dance and for your guests to enjoy. The first dance is such a special and intimate moment, why not use the romance of stars underfoot to bring even more magic? This dance floor gives a beautiful effect for you wedding photos and can be enjoyed day and night. Dance floor rental is incredibly popular as it is easy, stress free and completely customizable. You choose what you like and what best suits your occasion and Fun4Hire will deliver it to you, it’s as simple as that.


Dancefloor rental easily transforms any space into a sleek, stylish and wedding-ready venue. It’s become one of the latest wedding trends for a reason and all you have to do is glance at photos of a wedding with an LED dance floor to see why so many brides are over the moon dancing amongst the stars.

  • The versatility of the LED dance floor hire is incredible, the dance floor is made up of tiles which are secured together meaning you could use them to create a gorgeous walkway or dance floor. You can create the perfect dance floor to suit any space.
  • The tiles lock into place, are durable and very easy to clean so no shoes or spillages will damage the dance floor.
  • Creates a fun environment where the dance floor becomes a centrepiece and encourages the party.
  • Perfect for photographs – the effect the LED dance floor brings to wedding photographs is stunning. Couple even decide to place the wedding cake in the centre of the dance floor purely for the gorgeous photo opportunity the dance floor creates.

Of course, these dance floors are ideal for any event. If you’d like more information or you’d like to book LED dance floor hire for you wedding simply contact Fun4Hire today on 07903 973 963 or via their website The team are more than happy to discuss the dance floor options with you and can deliver items across Yorkshire and beyond.

What is a backlit sign?

What is a backlit sign?

What is a backlit sign?

An important consideration for any business, event or promotional drive should be signage. Signs can be used to not only help spread your message but also attract customers and set yourself apart from your competition. Investing in a sign is a significant step towards reinforcing your brand but it is not surprising that many businesses aren’t sure where to start when deciding on a sign that suits them. If you’re asking yourself what kind of sign is best for your business then we can help. There are various formats available in order to ensure you can create the eye-catching impact desired in every circumstance, but today we are going to focus on just one: the backlit sign.

One of the most popular sign types (and one that we absolutely love) is the backlit sign. Ultimately, these are signs that are illuminated using a light source behind the design in order to draw peoples eye and spread the desired message loud and clear. The backlit sign is highly versatile and works in your favour around the clock, something many signs are unable to do after sunset which results in your business losing out on valuable marketing time.

backlit sign is great for use both inside and outside and are often seen in shopping centres, airports, bus stops and building signage. There are many benefits to choosing a backlit sign including:

  • Increased visibility at night
  • Clear and easy to read – even from afar
  • Colourful and eye-catching
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Perfect for promoting your business or message

The sign is created with a light source behind and the printed graphic over the top. LED lights are most commonly used as the light source due to their effectiveness. On top of this, they are also incredibly energy efficient; the LED lights provide an impressive level of brightness while using small amounts of energy, this makes them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Your design will not only stand out but will also be full of detail and clarity. The back lighting even helps your sign design to appear enhanced.

Printing backlit signs is becoming more and more versatile thanks to the technology available today and this means you can literally create exactly the kind of sign you require without breaking the bank to afford it. The combination of the durability and the eye-catching vividness of backlit signs plays a vital part in their ever-increasing popularity.

If you have an idea in mind for a backlit sign, contact Image Sign Studio today for professional, high quality and carefully designed signs that will help you spread your message in a loud, clear and refined way.  We operate in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas and pride ourselves on helping businesses realize their creative goals.

For more information on Backlit Signs, get in touch

The Shop Signs Manufacturer with a Difference

The Most Popular Business, Shop Signs, and Letter Types

The Most Popular Business, Shop Signs, and Letter Types

Image Sign Studio design and manufacturer the highest quality shop signs here in their Sheffield workshop. They manufacture a huge range of type of shop signs & business signs to suit every business from high-street shops to warehouses – in fact They’re still to find a job they can’t do! However, it’s always useful to have a list of our their popular shop sign types – you never know when you’ll be in the market

Image Sign Studio’s Most Popular Business, Shop Signs, and Letter Types

  • Fret cut signage – fret cut signage, also sometimes known as fret cut lettering or computer cut lettering, is where the letters and images are cut from a sheet of material usually using a CNC router or laser cutting machine
  • Aluminium tray sign – aluminium tray signage is where the business or shop sign is cut from or attached to an aluminium tray. The fixings are usually hidden, and the sign stands proud from the wall
  • Backlit sign – our signs can be easily backlit, usually using LEDs, to create a slick and modern looking sign. In other words, the sign is placed in front of a light-source. The light can either create a ‘floating’ effect or can shine through translucent areas to make the sign more visible at night.
  • Fret cut illuminated signs – fret cut illuminated signs are often made from aluminium panels. They often comprise of front and back trays which can be any colour and usually used when illumination is required. Great to create a lit 3D effect
  • Acrylic letters, flat cut letters, sign letters, acrylic cut out letters and aluminium letters – these letter types are created in our workshop and used for many purposes including in conjunction with the other types of signs
  • Perspex letters signage – letters cut in our workshop usually using a CNC router are used to create this popular and cost-effective signage. Good for back-lit or internally lit signage such as aluminium composite tray or aluminium tray sign
  • CNC signs – CNC signs are cut from material using a CNC router which is computer controlled. As such, these signs can be intricate and use images as well as standard letters
  • Light box sign – a lightbox sign is a type of illuminated sign using a frame and lighting source
  • Directional signage – this type of signage is used everywhere from shops and warehouses to schools and hospitals. It’s designed to be practical and clear giving people instructions and showing the way
  • Sign tray – a sign tray is used very commonly in shop signs and business signage and can be made from a wide range of materials. Often backlit or internally lit, this type of sign is a very popular choice for many businesses
  • Aluminium composite sign tray – similar to the aluminium tray sign, this sign is made from composite material and can be used for many purposes
  • Dibond signs – dibond signs are most commonly used when strength is an important factor. These signs provide resistance to physical impact and heat and are most commonly used for shop signs, wall signs, information and directional signage.

Find Out More About Our Different Types of Business Signage and Shop Signs

Get in touch with image Sign Studio today through their contact page or call them directly on 0114 261 7617 for more information on their range of shop signs, business signage and manufacturing workshop


Aluminium Tray Cut to Fret Cut Signage - 4 Ways Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression

Aluminium Tray Cut to Fret Cut Signage – 4 Ways Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression

Read on to discover 4 key ways your business can make a great first impression:

Have an outdoor sign that is easy to read and can be seen from a distance

This allows you to attract customers who are passing by and lets them know that your business is close, however there is more to attracting customers than just ‘putting up a sign’. In order for the potential customer to want to use your business the sign needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to see from a distance and easy to read such as aluminium tray sign Stylish simplicity is often most effective.

Use lighting to give your business 24-hour advertising

By lighting up your business signage you attract peoples eye no matter what time of day it is. This complete visibility gives you a huge advantage over your competitors, but it is very important you keep your signs well maintained. There is nothing more off putting for a potential customer than seeing an old, broken or half lit business sign. In order to reap the rewards, you need to keep your signs looking smart. Lit sign options include a backlit sign, lightbox sign, LED sign and using fret cut illuminated letters.

Be welcoming

A customer’s experience begins as soon as they hear about your business. Maybe they have been online and visited your website, maybe they were driving in the area and saw one of your signs – whatever way they found you, you need to make sure the experience is top notch from the start… Is your website clear? Are the contact details easy to find? Is your business sign clear and easy to read? Does the customer feel welcome at the door? Think about these things. What does your customer see when they are about to enter your business? Your customer doesn’t want to walk into a shop with big stickers on the door saying “NO” maybe you have door signs saying “NO DOGS” or “NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED”, this can give off a negative vibe early on so you may try to make the first impression better by simply changing the signs. Maybe you could use signs that say, “Come in, we’re open!” or “Yes we accept credit cards” to make customers feel welcome.

Make sure the entrance is obvious

By having a well-designed sign at your entrance, you can not only give clear direction to your shop but you also make a fantastic first impression. Your sales revenue could increase by close to 5% just from the use of one powerful sign. Your signs are all about first impressions and guiding potential customers to your door. By using signs to their full potential, you allow a customer to feel confident in your business and product before they’ve even stepped in the door. Always make sure your sign is easy to read for the best impact – there are many different material and lettering options available so find one that makes your message pop: your sign letters could be acrylic, flat cut, aluminium tray sign or perspex.

Get in touch today to get a quote for your Aluminium Tray Cut Signs on 0114 261 7617

Skip Hire for Garden Waste

Sheffield & Rotherham skip hire

Sheffield & Rotherham skip hire

There’s nothing better than working in the garden on a warm, sunny day; however, the one dismay people have is dealing with the waste produced during a garden clear out or D.I.Y project. Whether you are a commercial gardener, a green fingered allotment or home owner, or you’re just tackling a long-awaited back garden project – Mr Rubble skip hire can help make things a lot easier to tackle. Our garden waste skip hire is designed to simplify your project by allowing us to take care of the waste for you… That’s right, say goodbye to countless trips to the local tip!

Benefits of Skip Hire for your Project

People tend to shy away from hiring skips due to their traditionally large size, the need for permits and the concern that you cannot put all kinds of waste in skips. When you hire a low-volume skip from us you can forget all these worries as:

  • The 3 tonne skip is much smaller than the commercial skips making them perfect for homeowner use. Here at Mr Rubble we provide skips of all sizes to suit all needs, we can offer advice if you’re not sure which skip is best for your project.
  • We can take care of organizing the permits for you.
  • No more continuous trips to the dump with car-loads of plant waste!
  • A 3 tonne skip can hold approximately 15-20 black sacks worth of waste making it ideal for smaller projects.
  • In our skips, you can dispose of all the common forms of waste found during garden D.I.Y projects including:
    • Organic waste; soil, grass, plants.
    • Wood
    • Domestic waste
    • Rubble (building/ foundation)
    • Plastics
    • Metal

If you are concerned about what waste cannot be put into a skip, contact us or take a look at our online skip hire guide for further advice. With Mr Rubble skip hire, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration and you can rest assured knowing the waste is properly and appropriately disposed of. Did you know we recycle 93% of the waste we collect?

Larger Skips Available

We also have larger skips which are perfect for bigger projects or commercial use for gardening, landscaping and construction projects. This is the perfect skip hire for gardeners and landscaper alike, to get great skip hire based on the needs of your project, don’t hesitate to contact Mr Rubble today.

Affordable, Time Saving Solution

Organic waste skip hire is an affordable solution that will give you many benefits, the exact cost of hiring one of these skips depends on your project requirements, length of hire etc. but we pride ourselves on providing excellent service at the lowest prices possible.

As you can see, a 3 tonne skip could be the perfect solution for your gardening or D.I.Y project. If you are in the Sheffield or Rotherham areas, head over to to book a skip to suit your needs.

Spotlight on Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment

Cars, vans, lorries, buses, tractors, fork-lifts and other motorised vehicles are often essential for many businesses, meaning that, if something goes wrong, they’ll then need fixing quickly which is where heavy duty lifting comes in. Accessing the underneath of these types of vehicles can be difficult and often dangerous unless done using specialist equipment. Examples of maintenance and lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles include mobile column lifts for standard vehicles, Mobile column lifts for forklift trucks, Mobile column lifts for special vehicles, semi-scissor lift, parallelogram lifts, vehicle jacks, multipurpose jacks (vehicle and transmission jacks), floor transmission jacks, hydropneumatic jacks, platform lifts, heavy duty trucks lift, king pin presses, workshop cranes, workshop presses, hydraulic wheel dollies, and  stands and trestles.

For example, the image above illustrates a heavy duty electro-hydraulic lift with vertical lifting, no base-frame, clear access between platforms and unobstructed access from side to side. Ideal for maintenance of HGVs, coaches and buses up to 35 tonnes. These platforms are built strongly and provide great stability, safe operation and good ongoing reliability.

A good example of a manufacturer of this type of lifting equipment is Sefac. Created in 1884, Sefac launched its Heavy Duty Lifting activity in 1971. Through its dedicated employees, Sefac has always demonstrated inventiveness, professionalism and commitment to technology and safety that has enabled it to reach an unmatched status in this field and to win credibility as a specialist Lift manufacturer. Here’s what they say about their ‘road’ product range: “The product range designed for road going vehicles is the result of nearly 45 years research and development. As a specialist manufacturer of vehicle hoisting, Sefac offers a large variety of equipment that can be used around your vehicle lifts. This range includes stands and trestles but also transmission jacks, hydraulic wheel dollies and cleaning equipment. From bus lifting solutions to vehicle stands, all Sefac products are dedicated to heavy duty workshops. Our R&D Department is working hard to make lifting for vehicles easier. Some products, like the S3 mobile column lifts, are thus a concentrate of technology and have been the origin of numerous patents.”


Image Sign Studio going from strength to strength

Sheffield shop sign manufacturerFirst impressions are everything, the first thing a prospective customer is going to see when approaching your business is your signage. You can distinguish a lot about a business by the quality of the sign that proudly holds their name. We are firm believers in quality and, as such, we are committed to manufacturing a range of high-grade shop signs and commercial signs in-house.

With our base in Sheffield we have the perfect scope to provide our range of products not only locally, around Rotherham and South Yorkshire but also UK-wide. We offer a full service including signage design, manufacturing and installation meaning we can work together to create the perfect sign to reflect your business. It is important to remember that a sign will work for you 24/7, forever promoting your business and what you have to offer. You want a sign that accurately portrays your business and that is why we are so passionate about getting it right every time.

We offer shop signs and commercial signs for all requirements. Our popular signs include:

  • Aluminium Composite Sign Trays – these are very popular, lightweight and cost effective. A sign tray is very versatile meaning they can be used for various applications.
  • Fret cut illuminated signs – fret cut signage is when we cut the logo or text to add an extra dimension to your sign. We can add lighting to enhance the depth and draw peoples eye to your sign.
  • Backlit sign – this brings a 3-dimensional effect, a backlit sign tends to be more visually exciting and interesting.
  • Aluminium tray sign – this sign is lightweight but strong, durable and stylish.
    We have a wide range of sign options available including but not limited to; directional signage, light box signs, CNC signs and dibond signs.

At Image Sign Studio, our signage specialists will be able to create exactly what you are looking for. We pay attention to every detail, for example sign letters, to help create different looks and effects for our signs we offer a variety of lettering. Maybe your sign will look better with acrylic letters or flat cut letters or maybe the letters need to ‘pop’ more so acrylic cut out letters, aluminium letters or perspex letters signage may work better. We look out for these things so you don’t have to and we are more than happy to discuss the options with you to help you decide which lettering will work best with your design. Every one of our products is manufactured in-house which means we can make it exactly as you need it without outsourcing or adapting your ideas.

If your business needs a sign, we are here to help you. There are many aesthetic and logistical design decisions that need to be made when choosing a sign and should they be overlooked, you risk losing a worthwhile business investment. Thanks to our on-site manufacturing we are able to make high quality, individually tailored signs that give back to their businesses time and time again. No matter how big or small your signage needs, contact Image Sign Studio for more information.

Call Image Sign Studio on 0114 261 7617 or visit

Bollore’s Investment in Africa

I saw a very interesting presentation recently about investing in Africa. According to the CFA Institute, ‘Africa’s remarkable economic growth during the past decade was based on sustainable drivers of performance, including a transformation in leadership and abundant natural resources. Opportunities to profit exist in infrastructure and robust demand for consumer goods and services from a growing middle class. Challenges to investing in Africa remain, but investors who can overcome the challenges will find superior investment prospects.’

Also, according to the World Economic Forum, ‘the conversation about Africa is shifting from one of “deficits” and “gaps” to one about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity. That’s not news to companies that have paid close attention to the continent and invested there. The fast-growing youth population, the urbanization expected to drive over 50% of Africans to cities by 2050, and Africa’s formalizing economy are all well known. These trends and other developments have driven a half century or more of growth in Africa, and will continue to do so.’

Unfortunately for me, I’m not really in a position to invest anything meaningful in a whole continent. However, if I were in a position to invest, I think I could do a lot worse than invests in Bollore Transport and Logistics. According to their website, they’re one of the world top 10 leading transport and international logistics company with presence in 105 countries around the world including a large presence in Africa. Their business activities – including port, rail, transport and logistics and storage and distribution of petroleum products – have come together to be part of the single brand, Bolloré Transport & Logistics. Apparently, this grouping will enable them to offer their clients a global supply chain management and network based on the expertise of over 36,000 employees

Already the first port infrastructure operator in Africa, they appear to be heading from strength to strength

Sofraden – Your Industrial Mixing Partner

About mixing powders and solids

The mixing of powders or granules is required for various industrial processes and must be adapted according to the properties of the raw materials used and final product specifications.

“Tumbler mixers” are based on a relatively simple concept: a closed drum rotates around its axis forcing the particles to tumble over one another on the surface of the mix.

Rotary drum mixers contain no inner moving parts, so maintenance is straight-forward and the gentle mixing action ensures that the properties of fragile or heat-sensitive materials are not affected.

Rotary Drum Mixers are ideal for the homogenization of different powders (premix for building materials), impregnation (flavouring or colouring of food products, catalyst regeneration process with acid in specialty chemicals)…

These rotating drum mixers can also be used to perform powder or fibre granulation operations (for example granulation of fiberglass for use in polymers).

On the other hand, circulation patterns in “convective mixers” are produced by an agitation system set up inside a static shell. This system moves particles in groups from one area to another within the vessel.

Agitation is created with ribbon or blade systems.

Blade mixers generate more intense mechanical action than ribbon mixers. The former adds lots of air to the mix and this tends to fluidize the bed of particles in the vessel and enhance the movement of these particles. As a result, mixing times are shorter than with ribbon mixers.

Intensive blade mixers are some mixer for powders used for numerous industrial mixer applications including the mixing of mineral powder and chemical additives to make exterior wall coatings or tile adhesives, soil or mineral treatment or even the mixing of explosive powders.

Ribbon mixers are used for mixing more fragile products typically found in the food industry or animal feed industry.

Twin-screw mixers with over-lapping paddles have also been developed which are suited to applications that do not require intimate mixing, as is the case with the treatment of contaminated soil for example.
The mixing of divided solids is frequently required in the following fields/industries:

  • Polymers
  • Explosives
  • Plant protection products
  • Friction materials
  • Facade renders
  • Ceramic tile adhesives (cta)
  • The food industry
  • Environmental management

Bold, eye catching designs from Image Sign Studio

Image Sign Studio, based in Sheffield, have years of experience in helping businesses stand out on the high street. Do you want to give your business a bold, new image? You might want to think about using 3D and chunky lettering, rather than the traditional flat-cut ones.

Their 3D letters can be manufactured using stainless steel, perspex or aluminium, and are all hand-crafted and installed by us, meaning there’s no compromise on quality. You can also choose to illuminate your sign with state-of-the-art LED lighting, providing eye-catching effects to really give your business the wow factor!

Stainless Steel 3D Signs

Stainless steel 3D letters can be made using a brushed matt finish, which adds a contemporary, modern look for your business. A mirror polished finish however, will give your signage an impressive shine. You can even choose a gold polished finish – a striking choice that is sure to attract attention and provide a glamourous edge for your business!

Aluminium 3D Signs

Aluminium 3D Signs can be powder coated or wet sprayed in a huge variety of colours, to fit your business’ branding.

Perspex 3D Signs

Perspex 3D Signs are also available in a wide variety of colours.

Illuminated 3D Signs

3D signs can also be illuminated with LED lighting, giving your business a real stand-out effect! Our LED lights are guaranteed for 50,000 hours, and are also very cheap to run. They can also be used to create eye-catching effects such as halo lighting and face illumination. LED lighting for your signs is available in white, red, green, blue, orange and colour changing (supplied with remote control).

Get in touch today to see how 3D signs can help your business!

SEO Services in Sheffield with Huge Potential

To make sure that your website is well-received by Google, you need it to read organically and be well-optimised. Both of these things are vital when it comes to the implementation of successful SEO strategy – which needn’t be a tiresome process.

When done right, it can drive plenty more genuine traffic to your site, so it’s well worth your consideration. As Sheffield SEO experts, Seven Creative are well-placed to help and have put together a guide surrounding their top tips to make sure you do it right.

The Company You Work with Should Provide a Report

If you’ve had a bad experience with paid services previously, that will only be heightened. A company that provides you with detailed monthly reports can be worth their weight in gold; and you’d be wise to choose such a firm to carry out any SEO work that you need. The mystery surrounding SEO needn’t be a problem, as the right company will be fully transparent.

The Importance of Long-Term SEO Services in Sheffield

For monthly campaigns in particular, patience is vital as SEO needs to be something that you invest in for the long term. A website rewrite can improve your positions fairly quickly depending on how competitive your keywords are, but if you then don’t continue to add regular, organic content -whilst your competitors do – you’ll soon find yourself sliding back down the SERP’s.

Get Blogging with Valuable Content

When optimised correctly, business blogging content is perhaps the most important factor with relation to how the Google Algorithm deciphers your website. Engaging news articles, case studies and blog articles are the best way to show the search engines that you have something of value to offer on your site, so this really is an opportunity not to be missed.

Decide Your Focus

Always plan how you want your SEO campaign to pan out. If you work within a competitive trade, for example, you’ll be more likely to see page 1 results by targeting one of your niche services. Similarly, adding a geographical focus to your activity can also help you maximise the benefits of SEO.

Optimise, Always

If you’ve hired an SEO company for one-off site work but now want to try it yourself, it’s essential to maintain good practices such as adding descriptions and alternative title text to any new images you add to your site. Whenever it comes to adding new content to your site, make sure that it’s optimised for the search engines.

Contact These SEO Experts in Sheffield for More

Seven Creative’s SEO experts in Sheffield can provide you with engaging web copy; that will stand the test of Google updates to fire you up the rankings – and then keep you there. Call them today on 0114 235 2002 to find out more.

Changing Your Handheld Planer Blades Has Never Been Easier

Knife-Point is the leading supplier of knives and blades to the Sheffield area. They stock a variety of products including an extensive array of planer blades. These include blades to fit handheld planers from reputable manufacturers such as Black & Decker, with high quality materials such as fine grain tungsten carbide used to make the products.

Once you’ve purchased your new blades, you needn’t fret on the actual process of changing them. For that, look no further than this guide from Knife-Point, who have made swapping your planer blades simple:

First Step

Firstly, always make sure that the power supply is disconnected to the device – this will go a long way towards ensuring your safety. It might sound obvious but out of all the steps in this guide it’s by far and away the most important one.

Second Step

The next piece of advice to follow is to gently loosen the fastenings on your planer blade device with a wrench. You don’t need to completely remove the fastenings and easy blade removal will be possible through the initial loosening. Always take care when removing the blade as it’s likely to still be very sharp. You can then spin the cutter head round and repeat the process on the other side.

Third Step

As your existing blades have now been removed, you can now fit your new ones. To do this, gently fit the new blade with the shape of the planer blade groove and slide it into place. Hold it in the position where you would like it to remain, then take your wrench and loosely tighten up the outer two bolts on your handheld planer – simple.

Fourth Step

The new blade will be extremely sharp so don’t rush through the replacement process and make sure you take care when tightening your replacement blades after they’ve been fitted. Before sliding the blade into place you may also need to remove any resin that has been left behind. You can do this using paraffin and oil or by gently scraping the debris away.

Fifth Step

The last step for you to adhere to is to verify that the knife blade is central in relation to your handheld planer. This is essential, as it will prevent the knife from rubbing on the edges of the machine. Once this has been guaranteed you can finish tightening the bolts. Again, simply repeat this on the other side.

An Abundance of Planer Blades and More at Knife-Point

You can find out more about Knife-Point’s planer blades, Stanley knife blades and more by paying their website a visit at Alternatively, if you’d like to reach them for a chat you can give them a call on 07737133030.