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Sports halls and gymnasiums as focal points for communities

Sports halls and gymnasiums are often very important focal points for communities providing warm, dry areas to exercise along with changing facilities and toilets. Schools and municipal facilities traditionally provided this type of resource to communities, however, increasingly, private companies are beginning to invest in this market such as private gyms. This is most likely due to a combination of the ageing infrastructure which typically dates back to the 30-or-so-years post-war which is when many of these structures were built, and also to increasing austerity & a move towards private investment in areas which were once provided by local government. What is the result? Obviously, rising prices is something we have all seen, however, what we also have now is access to new facilities which are properly maintained. Old concrete and steel structures are being replaced by modern, often wooden structures which are more eco-friendly and certainly more pleasing to the eye.

With this move to more modern building types come a whole new industry focused on providing these structures. A good example of which is SMC2, based in France, who specialise in leisure and tourism construction. On the subject of their multi-sport gymnasiums, “the design of a temperate gymnasium combines high environmental and architectural quality: it combines a glue-laminated timber structure with a translucent textile membrane roof. Our textile membrane roofs have a 17-year guarantee. Their curved shapes inspired by the world’s major sports facilities are intemporal. The air handling and double-walled roof provide thermal comfort without any risk of condensation.”

Communities need sport facilities that are not only safe and accessible, but also suitable for use. Suitable means not only of the correct size and shape, but also able to be used all through the year. Modern buildings are generally better often better insulated than the older buildings they’re replacing which is good news for us all and better for the environment. Whether it’s
tennis court construction you’re after or new gymnasium construction, taking the heating and environmental considerations into consideration is certainly something that all planners and architects need to do