Eco-friendly Exploration Strategies of LNG by Total

The exploration strategy for Liquefied natural gas by total makes up one of five key pillars, including strategic focus based on the analysis of the main petroleum basins. Total’s basin-mastering teams share their knowledge and also assess plays on particular basins to maintain basin entry options to guarantee a firm and level-headed exploration portfolio.

The extraction, processing and transportation of liquefied natural gas require expert know-how. Total being a trailblazer of the LNG industry, aims to apply an integrated strategy that spreads from the initial exploration up to gas marketing.

The strategy includes gas production, liquefaction, logistics, marketing as well as regasification. Total is involved in each phase of the natural gas value chain and the company is currently among the leading players in this segment at position 2.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Total has embarked on the expansion of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) as one of the company’s flagship strategic priorities. The goal of the strategy is to enhance a pioneer industrial sector at a fast pace by introducing multiple initiatives such as the cutting-edge Northern Lights project.

The swift and substantial implementation of CCUS solutions is one of the main contributors to maintaining the global temperature rise under 2°C by the year 2100. The strategy will assist in decarbonizing industrial facilities, including cement factories, power plants, petrochemicals complexes and steel plants and petrochemicals.

Total energetically promotes the growth of the marine vibrator; an upcoming-generation seismic marine source. The technology offers solutions to some vital challenges, enabling the company to contain any noise impact for marine life during the exploration process. It also improves the imaging of deep locations as well as the repeatability of the company’s 4D acquisitions.

Total teams innovate more efficient, more economical solutions for the production and transportation of liquefied natural gas to ensure that the company remains Productive in a highly competitive environment. These inventions result in new gas resources within reach and at the same time reduce the energy intake and also lowers the environmental footprint of the company’s operations. Total’s goal is to increase the share of liquefied natural gas in their product mix to exceed 60% by the year 2035.

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