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Save the High Street with Effective Shop Signs Sheffield

shop signs Sheffield city centre shoppingOver the past few years, Sheffield city centre has lost a few shops. Despite some rejuvenation in the city centre, there are still several Sheffield shop signs that hang over empty windows and rundown buildings with nothing to show inside.

It’s been in the news for a while now that high streets up and down the country are suffering from the effects of the recent recession, the decrease in footfall, and the lack of sales. Newspapers are littered with depressing shots of empty shop fronts and headlines scream about the death of the high street.

The Evolution of the High Street with Great Shop Signs Sheffield

But it’s not all bad news, and as professional sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio is glad to hear it! A recent article in the Daily Telegraph claims that life is returning to Britain’s high streets due to new planning rules that make it easier to convert empty shops into homes. The broadsheet reports that having more homes near and even in the high street help to develop a buzz in the area, and also provide a readymade consumer market on the doorstep.

The Minister for High Streets, Brandon Lewis says: “To attract people in to the high street, we want them to be exciting and vibrant places to eat and drink, spend leisure time and use practical services as well as shop.” And what else do they need? Great Sheffield shop signs of course!

Increased Independent Shops with Sheffield Shop Signs

Many people assumed that with the rise of internet shopping and out of town developments, the high street would be reduced to practically nothing. But there is growing optimism about the evolution of the high street and its ability to adapt. According to the Daily Telegraph, a recent report shows that 44 new independent shops opened every day last year and retail sales were up 1.7% last months and 3.7% on this time last year.

As you can see from the points made above, there is definitely life in the high street yet. Whether it is rejuvenated by the integration of homes into the shopping mix, or as a result of the upturn in the economy, the British High Street is definitely on the road to recovery.

Image Sign Studio have the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture a wide variety of shop signs Sheffield to ensure that your business adds to the vibrancy of the streets of the steel city.  Call them today on 0114 261 7617 to get in touch and chat to a member of their friendly team.

Design Students Rely on Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

Student life is full of pressures; particularly for design students. Late nights spent working to tight deadlines ensures that there are constant challenges that they are faced with. With that in mind; if you are a design student, it is vital that you take every measure possible to make your life easier. Accuracy is everything in design; and you can guarantee that you are putting yourself in a better place to achieve this if you choose to use Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades in your work.

A good example would be a product design student looking to evidence a concept through a model. They would know that the emphasis that they need to place on the quality of their cutting tool would be essential for achieving an impressive end result. By doing so; they would be evidencing their knowledge of the importance of accuracy within the profession; showing an understanding of design values in the process.

Attention to Detail

By taking ownership of the importance of attention to detail; you are also making your own life easier in the process. When dealing with the pressures of university life; taking such measures can be extremely rewarding.

If you are one of those students; showing that you are able to work to only the highest levels of accuracy – right from the initial stages of creation – could be the key contributing factor towards your idea’s success.

Wasted time having to remanufacture models because they haven’t been cut accurately can be extremely demoralizing. Achieving precision first time is endlessly satisfying; and understanding that you can do this through purchasing the best cutting tools is invaluable.

Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

Once you have taken the decision to place emphasis on accuracy; it is worth taking the time to research which tools will ensure the most success when carrying out a task. The manufacturers of Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades guarantee the quality of their knives. With so many years of experience; they are a wise choice of provider.

Blades from both of these established producers can ensure that the level of your work is only of the highest standard – helping to ensure good grades in the process! Consistency and quality of finish are two qualities that will shine through in the components that make up your product.

Order in Varying Numbers

Both of these established manufacturer’s blades can be bought in an array of different quantities; directly from us here at Knife-Point. We are vastly experienced knife providers; with extensive knowledge of both the supply and production of a whole host of blades.

Our passion and dedication shines through in every customer transaction that we enter in to; and our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are able to provide you with any number of products that will allow you to carry out high quality work.

We understand the importance that needs to be placed on meeting the individual needs of each and every customer. We can always ensure that you get your hands on the knife products that will allow you to achieve the greatest success in the tasks you are carrying out – whatever they may be.


Relying On Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades for Your Hobby Craft Tasks

Having blades that are both sharp in fine for us in industries such as card making, model making and artwork is simply essential. Using anything other than the best knife tools will result in the creation of a product that is seriously lacking in quality.

That ties in to the simple commodity of accuracy. When it comes to the world of craft there are few things worse than using your time on a project to simply see it go to waste through poor cutting. Through the use of Swann Morton or Stanley knife blades; you can ensure precision when carrying out hobby craft work.

Helping to Achieve Satisfaction for Decades

It is clearly beneficial to use products which are manufactured by established manufacturers. Their established reputation is founded in logic; thanks to the guarantee of quality assurance from those suppliers. With that in mind; Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are prime example of this mentality being put into practice.

Craft industry professionals and those interested in craft that are working on projects within sectors such as card production and model making will see the value in this; and Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades have been helping them to achieve great results in their work for decades.

Consistency and Quality

Achieving consistency and a quality finish is vital in craft production. It is a profession that requires serious care; with the importance of attention to detail being incredibly vital. Take, for example; a card maker whose living is based on the success of the sale of their products.

Inaccurate features on the card would result in customers feeling unimpressed with products; and resultantly sales of their products would be significantly affected. The knife chosen by the craft artist making the card can be the difference between achieving success and failure in their business.

Available in Packs

Both Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades can be used in the production of a whole host of materials; including paper, card and plastics. Blades can be bought in packs; and are often made to be easily interchangeable to ensure that only the highest quality of work is carried out when using them.

Here at Knifepoint we stock products by a whole host of manufacturers; ensuring that you will always be able to find the knives and knife blades that are best suited to you. We manufacture our own knives as well; further evidencing the professional versatility of our products.

With decades of combined experience in the manufacture of knives; we continue to be a leader of knife supply within the area and further afield. Our passion and dedication towards what we do is just one of the countless reasons that our customers continue to use us time and time again.



Case Study of an Illuminated Commercial Sign for Sheffield Sports Bar Players

The overall look of this business signage is very sleek and certainly stands out from the crowd with the monochrome colour scheme and illuminated letters. The letters for this sign were fabricated from Perspex and mounted onto the aluminium tray using acrylic studs so that they stood out to create a 3D effect. The illumination behind the Perspex letters is very effective, and they glow brightly at night.

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Aluminium Light Box with Powder Coating

The sign was constructed using an aluminium light box which was then powder coated to match the branding of the bar. Aluminium has a standard silver finish, however, it can be powder coated in any colour to match the corporate identity of the business in question. Powder coating is an effective way of colour matching signage to a business’ existing marketing material, branding and colour scheme etc.

The aluminium light box was then fitted with internal LED lighting in white, so that the letters could easily be lit up at night for an eye-catching effect. LED illumination can be achieved on signage such as this by placing the LED lights onto a back tray behind the lettering of the shop sign. LED lights are a great choice for Sheffield signs such as this because they are guaranteed for 50,000 hours and very cheap to run in comparison with conventional tube lighting.

Retail Shop Sign Makers in Sheffield

As experienced shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio have designed and fabricated a number of retail and commercial signs for a variety of businesses throughout the area. This particular sign was manufactured for ‘Players Lounge’ sports bar and function suite in Sheffield.

We manufactured two signs for the sports bar, which both featured LED lighting. As the majority of the bar’s business would be generated in the evening, having an illuminated sign was a must to attract potential customers and make sure that the signage could be clearly seen from the road by passersby.

If you are in need of a sign maker to design and manufacture your shop sign Sheffield, Image Sign Studio can help. Whether it’s for a bar, restaurant or shop, our experience and knowledge in commercial signage is second to none. Call us on 0114 261 7617 to get in touch and chat to a member of our friendly team.

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