Spotlight on Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment

Cars, vans, lorries, buses, tractors, fork-lifts and other motorised vehicles are often essential for many businesses, meaning that, if something goes wrong, they’ll then need fixing quickly which is where heavy duty lifting comes in. Accessing the underneath of these types of vehicles can be difficult and often dangerous unless done using specialist equipment. Examples of maintenance and lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles include mobile column lifts for standard vehicles, Mobile column lifts for forklift trucks, Mobile column lifts for special vehicles, semi-scissor lift, parallelogram lifts, vehicle jacks, multipurpose jacks (vehicle and transmission jacks), floor transmission jacks, hydropneumatic jacks, platform lifts, heavy duty trucks lift, king pin presses, workshop cranes, workshop presses, hydraulic wheel dollies, and  stands and trestles.

For example, the image above illustrates a heavy duty electro-hydraulic lift with vertical lifting, no base-frame, clear access between platforms and unobstructed access from side to side. Ideal for maintenance of HGVs, coaches and buses up to 35 tonnes. These platforms are built strongly and provide great stability, safe operation and good ongoing reliability.

A good example of a manufacturer of this type of lifting equipment is Sefac. Created in 1884, Sefac launched its Heavy Duty Lifting activity in 1971. Through its dedicated employees, Sefac has always demonstrated inventiveness, professionalism and commitment to technology and safety that has enabled it to reach an unmatched status in this field and to win credibility as a specialist Lift manufacturer. Here’s what they say about their ‘road’ product range: “The product range designed for road going vehicles is the result of nearly 45 years research and development. As a specialist manufacturer of vehicle hoisting, Sefac offers a large variety of equipment that can be used around your vehicle lifts. This range includes stands and trestles but also transmission jacks, hydraulic wheel dollies and cleaning equipment. From bus lifting solutions to vehicle stands, all Sefac products are dedicated to heavy duty workshops. Our R&D Department is working hard to make lifting for vehicles easier. Some products, like the S3 mobile column lifts, are thus a concentrate of technology and have been the origin of numerous patents.”