Holidaying in a motorhome – tips for your first trip

Holidaying in a motorhome is a great experience. Many people, hiring a motorhome for the first time, will find that they enjoy the combination of freedom and convenience so much that a motorhome holiday becomes a regular event. But like any experience, there are always tips and tricks that will help make sure your first time goes as smoothly as possible. Whether Motorhome hire may be something you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe you’re a seasoned motorhome enthusiast – whatever your level of experience,  the following tips should hopefully be useful for everyone 

Check your licence

Some motorhomes cannot be driven on a regular licence. Depending on when you passed your test you might have to be careful about the type of motorhome you rent. Most modern motorhomes are designed to come in under the relevant weight limits, so as many people as possible can drive them, but it pays to make sure.

Know your size!

It’s important to make sure you know how high and wide your motorhome is. This isn’t just useful when you are driving and need to keep an eye out on things like low bridges, but also when you are planning your trip, so you can exclude any routes that you might not be able to pass.

Check your route

It’s also worth thinking about driving a larger vehicle in a busy city or on narrow country lanes, especially if these aren’t the type of roads you usually drive on. Make sure you have got used to the larger size on easy roads, so you aren’t getting used to an unfamiliar vehicle while navigating unfamiliar roads. But most importantly, try to avoid single-track roads if at all possible

Remember space is at a premium

You can hire a large motorhome, but space will quickly be used up. It’s very easy to overpack for any holiday, but when you are loading up a motorhome it’s even easier to give an item the benefit of the doubt and take it anyway. Always ask yourself if you really need something, overwise you might find yourself constantly working around all that cooking equipment you never use!

Conserve your power

While electrical hook-ups are common in campsites when you are disconnected be careful using things that drain your power quickly. Things like kettles use a surprising amount of energy, so if you have too much of a tea habit you can quickly find your batteries are flat.

And also think about your other supplies. If you are moving between campsites, there is little point in carrying a lot of water, so make sure you empty water-tanks and your toilet cassette. Why use petrol to carry something you don’t need or want?

Finally, test it out

It might sound a little silly, and even give neighbours something to talk about, but why not hire your motorhome for an extra night and try staying in it for the day before you travel? This will give you the chance to go through all the routines of a day and make sure you know how it all works. It will be much easier finding the solution to a problem at home that on a remote campsite where your phone’s data signal might be lacking.

Motorhome hire

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Motorhome hire

Motorhome hire