Always Choose These Snap Off Blades

For Knife-Point, satisfying their customers will always remain the most important thing to them. They continue to do this with an abundance of fantastic tools, which include their impressive range of snap off blades. Suitable for a number of different tradesman and with great choice attached, the following advice is great for those after these products.

Snap Off Blades Perfect for the Graphic Arts Industry

Knife-Point’s snap off blades are transferrable across a variety of different professions. Flooring, roofing, packaging and crafts are all trades that can benefit from these blades; but it’s graphic artists that often feel the most benefit of these tools. Thanks to their relatively small size, they suit the industry because of the precise cutting they enable.

High Quality Manufacturing Processes

By stocking blades made from hardened and tempered carbon steel, they’re able to guarantee that their tools can stand even the most heavy duty tasks and remain impeccable throughout. Knife-Point’s snap off blades continue to remain ahead of the competitive market is due to the way that they’re manufactured.

Understanding the Importance of Building a Reputation

With over 30 years of experience in the industry their knowledge has progressed even further as knife manufacturing has continued to evolve; and they always do their utmost to keep up with progressing trends. Quite simply, Knife-Point have become the leading Sheffield-based supplier of knife blades because the service they provide is entirely unrivalled.

History in Sheffield’s Steel Industry

Sheffield has been notorious for its steel production since as early as the 19th century. So much so that it earned the nickname of the ‘Steel City’. With that in mind, you can always be sure that Knife-Point’s knives – that have been made in Sheffield – will be of industry-leading quality. Through use of the most innovative manufacturing methods, they continue to stand ahead of the competitive market.

Always Offering Great Choice

No matter the specific quantities or sizes you’re searching for, they’re sure to have them in stock for you. By making such a variety of options available to you this company continue to remain confident that you’ll begin to use them as your regular supplier. With Knife-Point’s knife blades, great choice is provided to you whatever the range.

Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

You can use either 0114 2507554 or 07737133030 to contact Knife-Point today. Alternatively, you can email them your enquiry to To find out more about these or any of the many other knife blades available at Knife-Point it’s well worth you getting in touch.

No matter your requirements, they’re sure to be able to help. They stock snap off blades like the ones mentioned here; as well as tools from well-recognised suppliers such as Swann Morton and Stanley. Don’t forget to check out their trimming knife blades too.