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Leading Planer Blades Service in Sheffield

For Knife-Point, the satisfaction of their customers is essential to their ongoing growth. Whether their clients are seeking planer blades for woodworking or trimming knife blades for the fitting of carpets, they continue to remain confident in saying that they have the tools you need to get the job done right.

To ensure the long-term happiness of customers that spend money with them, Knife-Point follow a consistent process to make sure they tick all the boxes of good service. They’re always there to offer their advice and support if any problems do arise.

Listening to Which Planer Blades Are Required

Knife-Point are not in the business of selling you tools that aren’t going to allow you to successfully complete your work.

It might sound simple, but the first step they take to provide their clients with the planer blades that they need is simply listen to their exact requirements.

Fantastic Choice

Knife-Point continue to provide excellent choice to their customers. It’s no good matching the wrong tool to the wrong application and they help their clients to avoid this problem by giving them the freedom to pick the appropriate planer blades they need.

Options with relation to pricing, quantities and blade type are always on offer with them.

Quick Delivery of Selected Planer Blades

For Knife-Point, it’s essential that their customers are able to gain access to the tools that they need swiftly and easily. They ensure their happiness in this way by making sure they continue to offer speedy delivery times right across all of their product ranges.

By doing so, they regularly receive repeat business from customers who’ve been impressed with the service that they’ve received from them.

Advice from Top Knife Industry Company

Knife-Point have so many products available for their customers to choose from. As such, they’re always happy to offer their advice on the ones which would suit you best.

Thanks to their many years experience within the knife manufacturing trade, they can do this to optimum effect. As a result, you’ll feel even more confident in the quality of any purchases that you make with them.

Planer Blades and Trimming Knife Blades

To find out more and access their fantastic range of blades today, head over to their website home page – Or, if you’d like to speak to them directly, call 07737 133 030.

As the leading supplier of planer blades to the Sheffield area and beyond, Knife-Point are continuing to expand their large client base. As well as the products covered here, they also supply trimming knife blades, Swann Morton products, Stanley knife blades and snap off blades too.Throughout all of these ranges, the attention they pay to their customers and the vast product choice they offer remains the same.

Trimming Knife Blades Truly Unrivalled in Their Quality

For those working within any trade, the right tools often form the key to achieving success in any work carried out. Taking a closer look at carpet fitting in particular, selecting the right knife blades holds the key and the trimming knife blades available at Knife-Point in Sheffield are ideal.

Available in a range of sizes and quantities – with competitive pricing to boot – you’d be hard-pressed to find the products you need in a better place. To help back up why the trimming knife blades that Knife-Point stock should be the ones that you choose to purchase, they’ve put together a short guide to explain their superiority.

Making Sure Your Customers Access Value for Money

When purchasing anything with hard-earned money, customers like to know they’ve got good value. When you buy something, you want to be sure that it justifies the expenditure that you’re required to make on it; and when you achieve satisfaction in this way it can be highly-rewarding.

With Knife-Point’s trimming knife blades, repeat purchases are all but guaranteed; as the prices and quality they deliver are exemplary.

Sheffield Manufacture Means Quality Tools

For decades, Sheffield has maintained a famed reputation for steel manufacture. With that in mind, the fact that Knife-Point continue to supply thousands of tempered carbon steel blades made in the city helps to reinforce the quality that they’re regularly able to provide.

Accuracy Assured with These Trimming Knife Blades

With accuracy in mind, Stanley branded trimming knife blades are available from Knife-Point. This is worth noting because these products have been manufactured with carbide edges; which are particularly handy when it comes to heavy duty work such as the fitting of carpets.

When the edges are made in this way, it’s far easier for the rest of the blade to be made flexible during any job.

Durability is Key to Good Work

Vinyl and varying degrees of carpets are just some of the vast amount of materials which are suitable for cutting with a large selection of Knife-Point’s trimming knife blades. This versatility makes them highly appealing – and useful for varying implementations.

Abundant Choice of Trimming Knife Blades

Knife-Point understand the importance of choice. As such, they stock everything from concave to hooked trimming products. No matter which ones you choose, you’ll be able to buy the amount that you need from them; as they continue to offer various bulk-purchase options.

Snap Off Blades and Planer Blades – Plus Swann Morton Range

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Knife-Point team, you can contact them easily today. This can be done via at; or by giving them a ring on 07737 133 030.

One of their helpful and friendly team will be able to answer any queries that you may have regarding their services. As well as trimming knife blades, Knife-Point also offer a number of other quality product ranges to their customers.

Snap off blades, planer blades and a variety of Swann Morton tools are just a few other examples of these. Regardless of the ones that you choose, the great pricing and quality of products always remains the same.

Face-Lit Illuminated 3D Shop Sign Sheffield

Our Sheffield shop sign makers have manufactured and installed signs for several of the branches of Béres sandwich shops throughout Sheffield, and have recently installed shop signage Sheffield for the Crookes and Woodseats branches, with Chapeltown in the pipeline. Béres have revamped their shop frontages recently, and asked us to help them with their shop signs. There are now 9 Béres Pork Shops scattered around the city, with shops located in Hillsborough, Firth Park, Woodseats, Crookes and Chapeltown.

3D Illuminated Shop Signs Sheffield

Béres Pork Shop’s shop signs were manufactured to be face lit. LED face illumination is created when the lights are placed on a tray inside the 3D letter, meaning that only the face of the lettering is illuminated. The signs themselves are 3D illuminated shop signs, made from 3D stainless steel letters which have been expertly powder coated white to consistently match the branding of the business. The 3D stainless steel letters are also face lit, and feature an opal Perspex face which the light shines through in order to illuminate it. The letters are mounted on aluminium sign trays.

Béres Pork Shops in Sheffield

Béres Pork Shops were founded in 1961, after the Hungarian butcher Sandor Béres left Budapest during the 1956 uprising against the communists. As a political refugee in Britain, his aim was to establish a chain of shops and build a successful business. Sandor and his wife Eileen opened their first shop in 1961, predominantly as butchers specialising in pork and beef. After seeing an excellent opportunity in the making and selling of freshly made pork sandwiches, the couple quickly built a good reputation. Béres Pork Shops are very much a family affair, with the couple’s children Richard, Helen and Catherine joining the business. They now have 9 shops all over Sheffield and have become a household name in the city.

Retail Shop Signs Sheffield

Sheffield shop sign makers Image Sign Studio are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of shop signs. We can produce 3D illuminated shop signs for a variety of businesses, ensuring that your business will stand out from the crowd and project a professional image. 3D letters can be manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or Perspex, and can be illuminated using LED lighting to give them the extra wow factor.